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Rhino Rollover Injuries – The Nature of the Beast

By admin on January 7, 2010



ATV four wheelers are dangerous under risky conditions.  Yamaha produced their Rhino ATV with an unreasonable design.  The Rhino boasts a powerful engine, quick acceleration, a small turning radius, a high center of gravity, and small wheels on a narrow frame.  These features combined make the Yamaha Rhino very unstable, causing it to roll over easily at slow speeds and on flat surfaces.  The Rhino’s dangerous construction and improper safety features have lead to the death of many users and catastrophic injuries to even more.  In March 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a repair program to address these rollover safety defects.  Consumers should stop using their Yamaha Rhino ATVs until the free repairs are made by a dealer.

Many plaintiffs have already brought suit against Yamaha.  If you or someone you know has suffered injury, or even death, because of a Rhino rollover, contact The Saftler Law Firm.  We provide our clients with the dedication you need to win fair and just compensation.  Let us help you today.

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